Into the Wild. The 1 Milion Stars Night

Inspiring Experiences




2 days

N. attendees:

min 2 max 10 People


Monday to Sunday

  • Tent trekking in the wild tuscan-emilian apennines
  • Different intensities
  • Guided visit and technical assistance with an Environmental Hiking Guide
  • Supply of materials and equipment: tent, sleeping bag, mattress and fire striker provided by the guide.
  • Everything not mentioned in the inclusions

A two-day trek on the Parma Apennines between altitude blooms and pastures of wild horses. The route will cross one of the most evocative corners of the National Park of the ‘Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, to discover the now extinct lakes of glacial origin . Four lakes that rest in enchanted basins, this is the kingdom of newts, but also of foxes, wolves and nocturnal birds of prey that will lull us during the night in our camp stretched on the shore of the lake. We will learn simple bivouac techniques in a remote environment as modern trappers to discover the ridge, from here you can enjoy an incredible and boundless view over the Lunigiana up to the Ligurian Sea, a unique panorama to take your breath away.
This is a journey of discovery into your wildest self, a total immersion in nature to rediscover the rhythms that the forest itself imposes on us.
The self-tended camp allows to eliminate everything superfluous in a path of rediscovery of the essential: the lack of electricity, running water and discounted dicomodity in everyday life, in the forest will acquire their true value. Two days in full respect of nature, with hiking, tent nights and gathering of forest products to minimize our ecological footprint on the planet in a Green weekend with minimal impact and maximum fun.

Into The Wild is proposed in three different variations according to intensity levels:
Soft – families or for first-time visitors
Medium – for adventurers
Hard – challenging with remote survival techniques

Into the Wild Soft


Day 1

Meeting at 02.00 pm at the Rifugio Pratospilla – Monchio delle Corti (PR). Excursion with orientation and cartography techniques to reach the camp.
We will cross places full of history and legends to reach the first of the 19 lakes of the Regional Park. Here we have the equipment for the assembly of the camp: tents, grills, mattresses, sleeping bags. The dinner cooked on the barbecue by the lake and the starry sky will be the setting for the first night in the woods.
Length 2 km
Difference in altitude 100 m
Duration 2 hours (stops included)

Day 2 

The morning lights indicate that it is time to prepare breakfast, still immersed in the forest we will enjoy a great coffee to give us the right charge for the day. After having disassembled the field we set off to discover the landscapes of altitude, between peat bogs and stretches of heather between crystalline streams where we can immerse ourselves in an uncontaminated nature that only the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines can offer.
Length 5 km
Difference in altitude 300 m
Duration 4 hours (stops included)

Into the Wild Medium


Day 1

Meeting at 01.00 pm in the square of Rigoso (PR) and distribution of equipment.
Hike with off-trail stretches through ancient charcoal burners and ancient mule tracks to reach the camp site. We will set up our tents among secular beech trees in a forest rich in history and mysticism. Here we will create a hearth using steel to warm up at night and cook dinner. The intricate forest prevents us from seeing the stars but the song of the owl and the little dormouses will accompany us until the morning.
Length 3 km
Difference in altitude 200 m
Duration 2.5 hours (stops included)

Day 2

Breakfast and dismantling camp. After having stockpiled spring water we will start to discover two lakes little frequented by the tourist routes but unique of their kind. Two precious jewels nestled in the mountains where the “Baby Dragons” still survive to indicate the purity of these waters.
We will go up to the coast of the mountain where the ridge declines towards the valley without ever leaving the forest and then begin to descend and take the ancient Via di Linari, route of pilgrims and brigands to Tuscany. We will touch a third lake now extinct and then return to Rigoso between stories of wayfarers and border life.
Length 6 km
Difference in altitude 300 m
Duration 4 hours (stops included)

Into the Wild Hard


Day 1

Meeting at 02.00 pm at the equipped area Lake Ballano – Monchio delle Corti (PR).
The first excursion will take us, after having taken with us a substantial supply of water and all the equipment, to the first lake of altitude where we will camp for the night choosing the most suitable area to mount our tents. We will evaluate the conditions of the wind, the soil, any criticality, and we will learn to manage the unforeseen events of a night in the environment. We will light the fire using the steel and natural triggers while the amphitheater of the forest will allow us to observe the mysterious starry vault that far from the light pollution will show us with a million stars.
Length 4 km
Difference in altitude 300 m
Duration 2.5 hours (stops included)

Day 2

After we dismantle the field, leaving no trace of our passage, we will depart for the ridge. A fresh spring that gushes from the rock will allow us to refresh the water bottles before arriving at the breathtaking view of the ridge. Other small altitude lakes will alternate between the peaks, unforgettable views of intense green and blue are the master beyond the edge of the forest: we are on the path 00, the High Way of Parks, from which the gaze sweeps over Tuscany to the Ligurian Sea. A quiet descent between peat bogs and stretches of wild heather will take us back to the start to greet us on the next adventure.
Length 10 km
Difference in altitude 400 m
Duration 6 hours (stops included)

Cancellation Policy:

  • No fee up to 8 days before the starting day;
  • From 7 days to 3 days before the tour starting date: 50% penalty;
  • 48 hours’ notice: 70% penalty;
  • 24 hours’ notice: 100% penalty.

Please Note:

  • We recommend layered clothing (warm for the night, light during the day), trekking socks and boots, jacket in breathable material, rain gear, batteries, hat, trekking poles, water bottle at least 1.5 l, sun cream, sunglasses, Personal equipment for the night, front flashlight, powerbank, lunch and dinner and packed breakfast.

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