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Awaken your senses: tailor-made extraordinary trips to ignite your Italian dream

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Four routes for your dream Italian trip

Multi-Day Experiences

Travel across borders to discover Italy's culinary and motor heritage.

Short Breaks

Surrender to the charm of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, distilled in unforgettable moments.

Luxury Experiences

Immerse yourself in luxury: from exclusive locations, to bespoke premium Italian adventures.

Unconventional Experiences

Embrace the unusual, with one-of-a-kind adventures sparking your Italian fantasies.

Classic tours with fixed timings are not your cup of tea and you are searching for extra-ordinary activities to be fit within a short city break or a pre-scheduled itinerary? Or maybe you need a reliable local professional that can help you out in designing a longer stay upon a specific wishlist?
We like to think of ourselves as Travel Artisans and are locally known for our bespoke experiences in Emilia-Romagna and surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with the weirdest questions and the most impossible missions!

Embrace the unexpected,

find inspiration in every corner

Let the undulating hillsides and enchanting vistas of Italy inspire your journey. Whether it’s an unconventional experience, a luxurious escape, or an immersive multi-day adventure, each unique moment provides a new viewpoint. Discover, dream, and delve into your personal definition of inspiration.

Beyond the Ordinary: Customized

Multi-Day Adventures Await

Frontier Ventures and Adventure Pathways

Take a look at our Multi-Day Experiences: from The Emilia Days dedicated to the top-notch productions between Milan and Modena to the 7-nights Emilia-Romagna Food Route – an out-and-out compendium of the Region’s most iconic food&art stops. If you’re on the hunt for the best food tours in Italy, the dish is rich, just dive in, we say here!
In your place, we’d certainly try a cross-regional itinerary: why not a handful of days between Parma and Alba, both UNESCO cities for Creative Gastronomy, or an even more ambitious Northern Italy Gourmet Tour combing Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, and the Ligurian Riviera? This can be your authentic Italy experience.
The titles of our Short Breaks do not actually require much explanation…The Big Fives Tour, for example, includes stops at the most iconic PDO productions of the Parma area spread over 2 days, while the Fab Four touches the unmissable brands of the Motor valley between Modena and Bologna.
Needless to say: Luxury Experiences are always welcome! We can offer concierge advisory and exclusive locations for your events or help you out when renting boats & yachts services, helicopters, private jets, and chauffeured cars. If you are looking for an opulent, fully-customized trip, you may consider our private tour services, tailored to meet your every desire.
And if you put us to the test with a request for Unconventional Experiences you will make us happy: from fishing River Monsters to trying Dirty Jobs or becoming Cheese Master for a day, fun and uniqueness are guaranteed!