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Explore Italy’s Wine and Food Treasures

Explore Italy’s Food & Wine Treasures and

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You’ll be spoiled for choice in Emilia Romagna when it comes to food and wine. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized version of the tour you believe best meets your needs because the majority of our tours are private and all of them are adaptable.

The Food Valley Gourmet Tour, or the ultimate Food and Wine Tour as we prefer to refer to it, is our true masterpiece. Depending on the grade, you can visit up to five of the region’s prominent products—including Parmigiano-Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Aceto Balsamico, Culatello, and Vini dei Colli di Parma—in a single day. The Parmigiano & Balsamico experience is the smart half-day combo you can always rely on if you are staying in Bologna, Parma…or even Milan! The Parmigiano, Balsamico & Lambrusco Tour is unmissable if you are not up for the cured meats and prefer to indulge in a few more glasses of the iconic red sparkling wine between Modena and Reggio-Emilia, instead.
Speaking of wine, imagine spending a few hours away from the city’s crowds in the verdant, pleasant hills of Imola while enjoying some of Emilia’s best vintages. The best treat for you is the Bologna Hills Wine Tour, a really immersive Italy wine tour! Would you want to try some wine tasting? Then you should travel to the dreamland between Milan and Parma and take the Piacenza Wine Hills Tour; with its 21 wines with a Denomination of Controlled Origin and one of the highest densities of castles and medieval villages in the entire region, the area resembles Tuscany and offers a fantastic combination of scenic nooks and culinary delights.

The Almost Local Downtown Foodie Tours are ideal for tighter travel schedules or just to fit a pleasant food lifestyle stroll in the biggest towns of the region to get more familiar with the Emilian habits, while with the Cook-with-a-Local experience, one of our premier Cooking classes in Italy, you can truly dive into the most authentic Italian culinary heritage and learn to reproduce a full course menu including the famous tagliatelle at a private home.
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You may definitely find whatever kind of gourmet experience you’re looking for in the Emilia-Romagna area in this section. Where good food is, great motors are just around the corner, we say here. Emilia is that incredibly special region where you can combine a Parmigiano or Balsamico tour with an adventure in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Ducati all in the same day! A visit to one of the even more artisanal automobile firms, like Maserati, Pagani, or Stanguellini, is a must if you are a made-in-Italy luxury vehicle fanatic. Check out the section on the motor valley to decide on a custom trip.

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