Castle of Rivalta

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Gazzola (Piacenza)

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The Castle of Rivalta is an illustrious noble home surrounded by a magnificent park, and among its most renowned visitors are members of the British Royal Family. It is easily identified by its standing “torresino.” Counts Zanardi Landi still live here. This castle is entirely furnished and is home to the new Museum of the Military Costume of Lepanto. Castle Rivalta offers, in the village, also 12 luxury rooms for the hotel hospitality.

Documented already from 1048, the castle becomes part of Landi kingdom in XIV century, that are the current owners, thanks to Counts Zanardi Landi.
The Honour Room, the dining room, the kitchen, the cellars, the prisons, the bedrooms, the tower, the room of arms, the gallery, the room of the billiard, the museum of the military costume can be visited.
The castle has, in the close hamlet, 12 luxury rooms.

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