Castle of Paderna

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Pontenure (Piacenza)

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The Castle of Paderna is a beautiful stronghold with a large agricultural court beside Santa Maria Church, which has a Greek cross plant. A water-filled moat transports us back in time. It is now a private house, a biological farm, a vegetable garden with historic vegetable types, an educational farm, and a venue for important land farming seminars.

The “severe” outline, the strong walls and a moat full of water are evocative symbols of the past centuries. The Castle of Paderna is documented already at the beginning of ninth century and in 1453 it becomes property of Marazzani family of Rimini, that are ancestors of the present owners, Pettorelli noble family. During 1400 it definitely becomes the current elegant fortress, with a big farming court, close to Santa Maria Church, with its greek cross plant and very ancients columns, witness of the originary “castrum”.

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