Castello di Vigoleno


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    The origins of Vigoleno date back to Roman times, as indicated by its Latin name, Victus Lyaeci, implying its association with Bacchus and fine wines. Historically, Vigoleno stands out as the castle remained under the continuous ownership of the Scotti family from the late 14th century to the early 20th century, an exceptional occurrence in Italian feudal history. Elevated to a prominent status in 1622, the castle became the cultural and literary hub of the Duchy. Sold by the Scotti family in the early 1900s, the castle underwent meticulous restoration over the centuries, maintaining its pristine condition to this day.

    All accommodations within the Castle feature elegant amenities such as parquet floors, flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, and private bathrooms with complimentary toiletries and hairdryers. Certain rooms, located within the historic towers, boast charming seating areas for added comfort.
    In the morning, a buffet breakfast is served, offering a selection of sweet and savory options. The on-site restaurant specializes in authentic Italian cuisine, highlighting traditional dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients

    Regardless of the chosen type of stay, attention to detail, elegance, and refinement characterize every aspect of the Castle experience. Nothing is left to chance; every element, from the color schemes and fabrics to the furniture selection, is meticulously crafted to create a welcoming atmosphere steeped in familial warmth and genuine hospitality.

    APPARTMENT: The Castle’s flat, ideal for families or small groups of friends, can accommodate 4-5 people comfortably. It features spacious bathrooms and a cozy living room. Located on the second floor of the Castle, it offers the most comfortable and exclusive accommodation experience within the premises.

    CLASSIC: 3 double rooms at Casa Tanzi offer the essential accommodation option in Vigoleno. Located conveniently near the village square, Casa Tanzi provides simple and comfortable furnishings. Additionally, one of the rooms can accommodate a third guest with an extra bed.

    TURRETS: Vigoleno Castle offers three distinct ex-safe tower rooms, each with its unique charm. Two of these are nestled amidst the gardens of the historic estate, while the third is situated in the highest ex-safe tower of the Castle itself. Spanning two to three floors, these rooms feature a living area with a sofa and toilet on the lower level, while the upper floor boasts a comfortable bed and large windows offering breathtaking views of the Stirone Valley.

    SUITE: The four suite rooms, located on the second floor of the main Castle building, each offer a unique ambiance distinguished by their color scheme: pink, yellow, blue, and green. With all rooms situated on a single floor (except for the green suite, which features a bed on a mezzanine level), they are characterized not only by their spaciousness but also by their elegant and refined furnishings, adding a touch of sophistication to your stay.