Borgo Condè


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    Just a short distance from the sea, tucked away among the hills of Tuscany and Romagna, in an ancient Florentine territory, Borgo Condé Wine-Resort emerges. This scattered farmhouse retreat is set within a sprawling estate of 110 hectares dedicated to producing outstanding wines and olive oil. The unique panorama of this oasis, embraced by breezes that carry the fragrances of flowers, lavender, and rosemary, makes it the perfect sanctuary for any escape or holiday craving. The wealth of products from the vineyards of this historically rich and tradition-filled land will serve as exclusive ingredients for an unparalleled experience in harmony with nature.

    At the heart of the Resort lies the Borgo, featuring 19 rooms. It also houses the Bistrot del Borgo, the DiVino Restaurant, the Spa, an outdoor pool, and the Meeting Room, all nestled among gardens and panoramic terraces.
    The Capanno, L’Ulivelli, and Il Raggio are villas scattered around, located within a maximum of 500 meters from the central Borgo, connected by pathways winding through vineyards and olive trees. Perched atop the hills, they are immersed in the tranquility and privacy of the vineyard rows, meticulously designed to soothe the mind. In particular, the Capanno offers a retreat amidst the scent of lavender and the azure waters of a second pool.

    The Suites and Rooms at Borgo Condé Wine-Resort have been meticulously crafted by local artisans, creating unique and exclusive spaces. Custom furnishings, soothing colors, and thoughtful details enhance relaxation. With views of the hills and vineyards, terraces, and gardens, guests can fully immerse themselves in nature. Waking up surrounded by greenery, birdsong, and sunlight adds value to the stay. The Classic Rooms, located at Villa Ulivelli, offer spacious accommodation with a double bed, TV, minibar, and bathroom with shower. Some can accommodate three guests with a sofa bed. The Junior Suite Ca’ Nova, centrally located, provides a cozy retreat with similar amenities. Ideal for a romantic weekend or post-work relaxation. Some can also accommodate three guests.